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Passing Kidney Stones Quickly

Passing Kidney Stones Quickly – 5 Tips to Begin Kidney Stone Home Treatment

Passing kidney stones quickly can be more difficult than your doctor suggests. Most doctors have given their patients the advice to drink plenty of water and wait out the pain. Unfortunately, if your calcium kidney stone(s) is bigger than 5 mm, it will need a lot more than water to pass.

In this article, you will learn about 5 tips to start a kidney stone home treatment. And because about 90% of all stones are composed of calcium build-up, they can be extremely easy to dissolve and flush in the matter of days.

A Kidney Stone Home Treatment

There are many things that you can do to give yourself a better chance of flushing your kidney stone(s). We suggest a holistic approach to passing stones quickly because it raises your chances for success.

A holistic treatment is simply a fancy word for using your ‘whole’ body to treat the disease. In the case of flushing your kidneys, you can use your diet, a variety of foods, vitamins, supplements, remedies and even lifestyle changes.

Here are some of those tips to begin your holistic home treatment.

Passing Kidney Stones Quickly with these 5 Secrets

1. Flushing your kidneys and body is extremely critical to fight this disease. You can do this with either drinking plenty of water or choosing a variety of different foods. Did you know that about 85% of people are dehydrated? Most of these people do not even know it though.

You should try to drink at least 100-120 ounces of water daily if you are suffering with this disease. You can also help the passing of the stones by eating a diet that is rich in fiber. Fiber is a natural flusher which is available in everything from fruits, vegetables, oat bran and whole grains.

2. Chlorophyll rich vegetables are also beneficial. Eating fresh greens can help flush your kidneys too! I recommend eating an organic salad twice a day. There are also specific vegetables which you would eat daily like asparagus and spinach. These 2 vegetables are high in chlorophyll and are known as the ‘flushing vegetables’.

3. Herbal remedies for kidney stones are also beneficial. For instance, ginger is extremely effective at flushing both the bowels and kidneys. You can add this herb to your dishes while cooking or you can supplement it through capsules.

4. Staying active can also help because while you work out you are shifting the stones. Stones that are regularly shifting due to exercise are much more likely to pass. Start exercising daily and eventually try to aim for 1 hour a day.

5. Dissolving the calcium stones is probably the most effective way to flush bigger stones. Trying acidic remedies, like phosphoric acid, can help the calcium to dissolve and eating fiber can help the stones to flush. There are many acidic remedies you can try; however, our customers have had the most success using a phosphoric acid remedy.

Cure Yourself by Tomorrow

Did you know that 90% of all kidney stone sufferers can cure themselves with just 2 grocery store ingredients? Learn more about this 100% satisfaction guaranteed remedy report.

Joe Barton and Barton Publishing offer a 100% guaranteed (1 year), doctor approved, step by step remedy report. Passing Kidney Stones Quickly has never been easier. Visit Treatment for Kidney Stones for Information.

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